Designer Profile: Sophie Tourrier

With her passion for fashion and artistic flair, Sophie's signature hand-drawn prints have been loved and admired by many LUXOTIC customers. Bringing a fresh femininity to the brand, her creations are playful and whimsical - combining natural elements with bright colours and bold strokes. She was kind enough to sit down with us and dicuss her creative process, inspiration and career highlights.

Q: Describe your style in three words.
A: Pattern, colour, eclectic.

Q: What mediums do you like to work in?
A: All mediums but especially watercolour, gouache and Photoshop.

Q: Were you always creative? What are your earliest memories related to design or art?
A: Yes, my earliest memories involve painting and drawing at home with my Dad. My parents were both creatives so it's always been a part of my life. I remember standing on stage at school aged 6 (with knees knocking!) receiving a prize for a painting of a fish and shells.

Q: Favourite places to visit for creative inspiration?
A: Travel is number one - but in the meantime: art galleries, museums, flower markets, gardens, and the natural world around us.

Q: What do you find the most challenging about being a designer?
A: Trying to create beautiful designs in a commercial timeframe can be restricting, but I love a creative challenge!

Q: What are some of your career highlights; what are you most proud of achieving?
A: Career highlights are definitely all the amazing and talented designers I've had the pleasure of working with and learning from over the years. I'm proud of creating beautiful and unique prints and patterns that customers love and enjoy using in their homes.

Q: When you're not in the studio, where can we find you?
A: I love being outdoors in Summer; road trips, swimming and snorkeling in the sea. In Winter, I love painting and crafting at home, and hanging with my family and our doggies!

Q: What's next for you? What are you working on?
A: I'm working on new collections of bedlinen and homewares for LUXOTIC! Creating, designing and researching new trends is a neverending pleasure.

Q: Any advice for those wanting to pursue a career in art or design?
A: Do it! It's such a rewarding career for creative people. Live to work, don't work to live!

Q: Finally, what's your favourite LUXOTIC product from the current range?
A: I love the Spring Garden and Kalina Pure Linen Throws. Beautiful bright designs on a luxurious soft French linen with big tassels - what's not to love!

Sophie Tourrier