How to Style Your Home for Valentine's Day ❤️

Love it or loathe it, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. While some might see this holiday as a corporate conspiracy, rather than a heartfelt celebration of love, there's no denying that it makes for a wonderful excuse to try something new in your home. 

We've put together 5 tips designed to delight your senses and harness your sensuality. Why not try a few of them this weekend - let us know the results!

Colour: the connection between colour and its affect on our mood has long been documented. At Luxotic, we embrace the power of colour in our bold and vibrant designs. We like to think that our prints lift our mood; sparking creativity and inspiring great ideas.

🌹Tip #1: inject pops of colour based on your mood. Pinks for femininity and sensuality, reds for firey passion, purples for sweetness and softness.

Luxotic Product: Our Lush Velvet Cushions are available in a range of luscious colours. Mix and match according to your mood or personality!

Scent: one of the most powerful senses, scent can transform an interior as much as the physical objects in it. It’s an extension of our personality; sweet and floral, woody and aromatic, or clean and fresh - how you (and your home) smell makes a statement.

🌹 Tip #2: While a scented candle is a wonderful way of perfuming your home, you can also achieve a sensual effect by lightly spritzing your favourite perfume or cologne on your pillow. Alternatively, bake a batch of brownies to fill your home with their warm sweet scent.

Texture: the feeling of fresh sheets, a warm woollen jumper, or a light breezy kaftan - the texture of textiles has a special emotive power. In an interior, it creates contrast and dimension; completing a space and making it human. Linen, hessian and wool can make a space feel rustic and warm, whereas velvets, silks and satins can add sophistication and sensuality. Whatever your preference, don’t be afraid to mix and match!

🌹 Tip #3: Whether you're slipping on a silky kimono, or adding a textured quilt cover to your bed, delight in the feel of a new fabric.

Luxotic Products: Use our Lush Waffle Collection as a base for your bed, then add pops of colour and contrasting texture with our Chintz or Bella Rosa cushions.

Lighting: overhead lights have a tendency to be too bright and clinical - not the mood we want for Valentine's Day! Try turning these off and using just your floor or table lamps; the contrast between shadows and light adds dimension to the room and softens the mood.

🌹 Tip #4: Make sure any bulbs in your lamps are "warm white" and a low wattage - these will help you achieve a beautiful golden glow in your home.


Florals: for Valentine’s Day? Groundbreaking, we know. It’s no secret that we love flowers - in fact, our floral designs are what Luxotic is best known for. We always have fresh flowers in our Sydney studio - not only for their uplifting and positive effects, but because many of our floral designs are hand painted from life by our talented team of designers. Immortalising these flowers in our designs allows them to be enjoyed all year round. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, and create your very own Luxotic ‘bouquet’!

🌹Tip #5: A big bunch of flowers is an obvious way to bring florals into your home. But you can also achieve this more subtly and creatively with floral patterns. Try a floral quilt cover, cushion or throw.

Luxotic Product: with so many beautiful florals to choose from, it was hard to pick just one. But our Meadow Quilt Cover set features stunning watercolours of some of our favourite flowers set against a bright and cheerful palette of blues and yellows.