Black Cushions


    Black Cushions & Black Cushion Covers

    Embolden your living room or bedroom with a lush black velvet cushion, or spruce up your furniture with our beautiful range of artistic cushion covers.

    Choose cushions to create contrast with your sofa or to blend into your furniture with complementary colours, the neutral tones of black enables you the flexibility to add life to your lounge room. Cushions are also a great way to add extra comfort to your favourite chair or stool.

    We believe black is a powerful colour that can add boldness or neutrality to a space… it’s all in how you choose to use it! If your décor scheme has an emphasis on white or neutral tones, it's recommended to use darker decorative cushions to contrast the existing colours. Or if your furniture or space is already dark, you can choose patterned black cushion covers to integrate seamlessly to your theme.

    Black cushions are perfect for adding a subtle but powerful touch of style to any space. Whether you're new to decorating with this hue or have been using it as your go-to colour all along – we recommend you start small by working black in as a feature item around larger pieces like quilt covers, pillows and couch covers first. It can work well to draw visual attention quickly, acting as a centrepiece in your space, ideal when you’ve selected beautiful, bold cushions to show off. Black is one of those colours that can work best when used sparingly.

    If you’re looking to create a dramatic effect in your living room, use dark grey and blue patterns to complement our black cushion covers. This will amplify the black tones while also giving off an elegant yet modern look that is difficult to ignore. Statement accents such as darker artworks against white walls and metal decorations on your coffee table can help achieve this. 

    Black cushion covers are an excellent way to accommodate bold and bright colours. Even better, they can enhance the other items in your room while still being stylish. Our covers regularly include pinks, reds or rosy-purples for a look that is elegant, bold and exotic. 

    We stock a wide range of black cushions and black cushion covers to complement your existing décor or to help you decorate a room from scratch. Give your room a new lease of life with our range of black cushions. Elegant, dramatic, and strong are just some traits that colour can bring to any space.

    Whether you're looking to re-transform your scatter cushions, lounge cushions or other cushions, there are black cushion covers to match your style. Choose from a range of prints and patterns, shapes and texture to add a little year-round luxury to your room.

    After different cushions or cushion covers? We have a range of colours and shapes to suit your needs.