Blue Cushions


    Blue Cushions & Blue Cushion Covers

    The blue cushions in our range truly offer a wide selection of hues to suit any taste; from cool, calming tones for an undeniably relaxed atmosphere to dark, richer tones that are bold and add a touch of elegance. We have blue cushion covers to fit your size, style, material or preference. 

    As the go-to colour for creating the perfect ‘Hamptons’ inspired-space, Moroccan oasis or even exotic Eastern theme, blue cushion covers are extremely versatile. They create the perfect space when teamed with the right quality wool quilts or throw blankets. 

    Create an elegant, coastal vibe in your home with our beautiful range of cushions in teal and pastel blue. Layer these within white or neutral spaces for extra pizazz and to bring out the best from blue fabric. This pairing works beautifully year-round and is great when accompanied with white-washed wood or even bamboo furniture.

    If you're looking for a more classic colour, then our navy blue cushion covers are just right. We recommend pairing our deep navy blue shade with white, beige and neutral furniture or curtains for the best aesthetic; this combination will be sure to complement each other beautifully while still add that wow-factor to your space.

    Pairing bold or dark blue with light shades of another colour is a classic combination that can fit effortlessly into any modern setting. Navy and pink, or soft grey and pastel blue are perfect examples. You can also try adding in brighter colours like corals alongside midnight greys or other black items to add a more bold and exotic elegance to your room. If French provincial styling is more your vibe, then plain and soft blue shades alongside traditional white furniture is the way to go, creating a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic in your home. 

    Pale, pastel colours work great with earthy tones and Hamptons inspired styles, and within our range of blue cushion covers you will find multiple styles and sizes to suit. Common pairings in this style include white or grey quilt cover sets that give off a sense of balance and harmony.

    Though they seem like an unlikely pairing at first, dark shades of blue cushions such as duck egg or navy can be paired with brighter colours to create a modern look. The vibrant contrast between these two hues is what really makes them stand out in any setting. From elegant living rooms to more traditional settings where bright accents might not usually work so well, our blue cushions can help to add the extra elegance without throwing off balance or making the space feel too over stimulating.

    There is something about blue that evokes a sense of tranquillity and calmness in a room. Reconstruct your living space into a tropical paradise with our Chintz Garden cushion cover or relaxed beach feel with the Brighton Hand Woven cushion.

    Whether you prefer luxe navy or bright blue, teal or light blue cushions - our range of blue cushions has something for everyone, making it easy to choose one to suit your space and style of furniture. Create a tranquil coastal haven with our contemporary cotton blue cushion covers, or make a statement with our range of artistically designed cushion covers.

    When combined with soft furnishings in pastel green, both colour combined elicit a sense of refreshment and serenity that will set you and your guests at ease.