Green Cushions


    Green Cushions & Green Cushion Covers

    The colour green often symbolizes health and warmth, it is often used to create a relaxed and balanced design. Soft furnishings are a fabulous way to bring your decor scheme to the next level. Transform your sofa area into a place for peace and tranquility with our beautiful range of green cushions. Your living space will feel refreshed and warm with a bold green cushion cover.

    Known as a restful, calming colour, green can be used to create a harmonised atmosphere for your home. When decorating with green cushions, it’s important to have neutral patterns and lighter shades such as olive or pink for an inviting feel without being too overwhelming or darkening your space too much.

    Green cushions are easy to add some calm and comfort to your space. They’re also perfect for calming down any scheme that may be too busy or intense, providing a sense of tranquillity with their natural colours like emerald or olive green especially grounding. Alternatively, pair them up nicely against white walls and neutral furniture so they can take centre stage without competing over attention from other elements in the room.

    The combination of emerald and teal cushion covers is one that's surprisingly easy to work with. In fact, it looks great in a variety of settings. When paired up against white backgrounds - which can be easily found with many quilt cover sets, these colours will make your space look more vibrant. A neutral colour like green doesn't always get enough love; but it can make a room when combined with the right colours.

    You can use green as an accent colour in any setting as well. It's the perfect shade to create variety and add life when paired with other colours like vivid pink or rich gold, and you can find these combinations across many of our floral cushion designs. Don’t worry though, as it can also work beautifully on its own for more subtle integration, and we have a range of classic emerald-green, jade and mint cushions that pair well against any other patterns in your space.

    Dark green cushions are a great way to add boldness and that extra dimension to any minimalist space. We recommend you pair this rich hue with lighter shades like amethyst, sapphire or even gold velvets for a more exotic touch. These colour combinations work well in larger rooms that need that extra special something to make it pop.

    Mint green cushion covers are a great way to add some much-needed colour to your home without taking away from the original palette. Our mint green cushions work extremely well with our wide range of floral quilt cover sets which are bold and stand-out beautifully on their own. This is where a soft green cushion can subtly calm the space and tie together bold patterns.

    Match a dark green lush velvet cushion cover with brown or grey sofa to add a splash of colour and bring your living room to life. Green cushions look great against a white colour scheme. You can even accessorise your bedroom with a pop of bright colour from one or many of our green cushions.