Doona, Quilt, or Duvet - What's The Difference?

If you're shopping for bed linen, you'll have seen the terms quilt, doona, duvet, and coverlet - and may be a little confused!

Depending on where you are in the world, these can either be used interchangeably, or have slight or subtle differences.

So, what's the difference between doona, quilt or duvet?

In Australia, 'quilt', 'doona', and 'duvet' all mean the same thing: a weighted blanket stuffed with either down or synthetic fibers that provides a top layer to a bed.

Then a "quilt cover" or "doona cover" goes over this, which serves two purposes: protect and keep the quilt clean, and add colour, texture and depth to the bedroom.

A coverlet is a thinner piece of bed linen, which is placed on top of the quilt / doona / duvet for extra warmth in winter, or used on its own in the summer months as a cooler alternative to a quilt. It is often coloured or patterned, and has quilted or patchwork detailing. 

What is a quilt?

A quilt is one of the crucial pieces of bed linen. Covering the base mattress and sheet, it lies on top of the bed providing you with weighted warmth and comfort during the night.

Quilt come in many different sizes, often corresponding with mattress/bed sizes. You can read more about duvet sizes in our sizing guide.

There are many additional factors to consider when choosing a quilt other than its size.

What the quilt is faced and filled with is of crucial importance to ensure you choose the right quilt for your bed.

Quilt/doona can be filled with down (feathers from geese or ducks), or man-made foam, fibres (such as polyester) or fillers. Natural (such as cotton or wool) or man-made / synthetic fibers can encase the filling. Additional features, such as webbing and quilting, can add further warmth or value.

Can quilt covers be used alone?

We'd always recommend using a quilted insert for our doona covers, but there is no real reason why you can't use the covers on their own. The sensation is similar to sleeping under a top sheet, and may suit you if you get very hot in the summer months.

Wait, is a comforter a quilt?

A comforter is the American term for a doona, quilt, or duvet. It means a weighted bed covering, often filled with feathers or down, or man-made fillers or fibres. There is no difference between a comforter or a doona - they are two different terms that mean the same thing.

How to style a bed with a quilt?

There are many ways to style a quilt, so it really depends on your personal style and preference.

We always recommend using a quilt that is one size larger than your mattress size. This creates an overhang on either side of the bed - a clever styling trick that is used by many retailers when dressing their beds.

At LUXOTIC, we love the layered look - building up our bed linen to create a luxurious and opulent feel. 

Starting with the bottom layer, we use a mattress topper to protect our mattress and give an extra layer of softness.

Next are bed sheets.

We dress our bed in 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets, which are soft and breathable.


When the months are colder, we like to use a duvet filled with Australian wool for extra warmth. An injection of colour always makes us feel alive, so we nearly always opt for one of our signature Floral Quilt Cover Sets.

We then build up depth through layering pillows and cushions. Starting with European Pillowcases in complimentary or contrasting tones at the back, through to Square and Rectangular Cushions at the front. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and motifs to create a cohesive blend of colours and textures.

For extra warmth and texture, add a folded coverlet, bedspread or throw at the foot of the bed.

All LUXOTIC products are made from high quality materials and are machine washable for easy cleaning.