Eco Ultra Light Australian Wool Quilt-Quilt-LUXOTIC
Eco Ultra Light Australian Wool Quilt-Quilt-LUXOTIC
Eco Ultra Light Australian Wool Quilt-Quilt-LUXOTIC

Eco Ultra Light Australian Wool Quilt

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Size chart

Australian Quilt Cover Set Sizes

When buying a Quilt Cover Set  for your doona, it's important that you buy the right size - not just for aesthetic reasons, but also comfort and warmth, too. As an Australian company, LUXOTIC's Quilt Cover Sets are sized for the Australian market. Australian Quilt Cover Set sizes differ from the rest of the world's, although most sizes used in New Zealand are identical to Australia but otherwise please make sure you measure your quilt and / or mattress carefully before choosing the correct size for your bed and needs. 

LUXOTIC photographs its Quilt Cover Sets on Double Beds using a Queen Size Quilt and Quilt Cover, creating an overhang either side of the bed. To achieve this look, we'd recommend going up in quilt size (so if you have a Queen Size Bed & Mattress, go for a King Size Quilt and Quilt Cover). The benefits of upsizing also extent to warmth and comfort - there's less likelihood for drafts, and you won't be left out in the cold if your partner likes to hug the duvet!

Quilt & Quilt Cover Size
Quilt Cover Dimensions
Recommended for these Mattress Sizes:
Single Quilt Cover
140cm x 210cm
Single Mattresses and Bunk Beds
180cm x 210cm
Single Mattress, King Single Mattress, Double Mattress
210cm x 210cm
Double Mattress, Queen Mattress
245cm x 210cm
Queen Mattress, King Mattress
270cm x 240cm
King Mattress

FAQs - Quilt Covers 

What are standard quilt sizes?

It depends on where you live! In Australia, our standard quilt sizes a little different to other countries' so make sure you checkout the sizes in the table above before ordering.

What size is a queen size quilt?

An Australian Queen Size Quilt measures 210cm x 210cm - the only size that's a perfect square!

What size are my King size doona covers? 

Australian King Size doona covers measure 270cm in Width and 240cm in Length.

What size are Australian duvets? 

Australian duvet sizes are listed above in our Quilt & Quilt Cover Sizing Guide.

Which size of Quilt and Quilt Cover Set is appropriate for a King Single Bed? 

We'd recommend a Double Size Quilt and Quilt Cover Set for a King Single Bed. It allows for some overhang, which will keep you warm all night and show off your duvet cover design.

Are Australian and New Zealand quilt covers the same dimensions? 

With the exception of the Super King size, all Australian sizes are the same as the New Zealand sizes.  The New Zealand Super King size quilt cover is 265cm x 210cm, 20cm wider than the King size but the same length - the Australian Super King size quilt cover at 270cm x 245cm is both wider and longer than the King size.

What are quilt cover set dimensions? 

You can find the dimensions of Australian quilt cover sets in the table above, or on any Quilt Cover Set product page.



Australian Sheet Set Size Guide

Our Sheet Sets are made to fit Australian sized mattresses, so if you're shopping from overseas, please make sure to measure your mattress carefully so you choose the correct size for your bed before checkout. Our Sheet Sets fit standard Australian mattress depths at 40cm, but if you have an unusually deep mattress, or a very thick topper, you may need a deeper fitted sheet.

Sheet Set Size Fitted Sheet Dimensions Flat Sheet Dimensions Pillowcase Measurements

137cm x 193cm
40cm Deep

228cm x 254cm
48cm x 73cm

152cm x 203cm
40cm Deep

245cm x 265cm 48cm x 73cm

183cm x 203cm
40cm Deep

275cm x 265cm 48cm x 73cm 
Super King

 204cm x 204cm
40cm Deep

300cm x 330cm
48cm x 73cm


FAQs - Sheet Sets and Sizes

What are the best bed sheet fabrics?

It really comes down to personal preference and needs. Natural fabrics, such as Cotton and Linen, are breathable - allowing you to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Natural fabrics tend to be more textured, which isn't to everyone's preference. Man-made fabrics are often silkier and softer to the touch, and lighter (so often the preferred bed linen material chosen by those who live in warm or humid places). 

Are There Different Sized Queen Sheets?

Queen Size mattresses have standardised widths and lengths, however the depth of a mattress can differ. Our 40cm Sheet Set depths should cover most mattresses, however if you have a very thick topper, or extra deep mattress, you might want to opt for sheet sets with a 50-60cm depth.

What are the pros and cons of cotton bed sheets?

Cotton is one of the most commonly used natural fibres for sheet sets, and for good reason! It is easy to care for, breathable, durable, and gets softer with every wash. When choosing cotton sheet sets, the quality of the cotton is very important. If you choose poor quality cotton, your bed linen may be prone to piling, shrinking or stretching. 

What are the different types of sheets?

Generally, there are two standard types of sheets: fitted sheets, and flat sheets. Both of these types of sheets come in our Sheet Sets, along with two standard pillowcases. Sheets can be made from different materials - some natural, some man-made. What you go for depends on whether you're a hot or cold sleeper, what you prefer in terms of texture and appearance, and what your budget is.


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Size Guide

Quilt Size Dimensions
Single 140 x 210cm
Double 180 x 210cm
Queen 210 x 210cm
King 240 x 210cm
Super King 270 x 240cm

All Quilts come with a 5 Year Warranty.

Care Instructions

Caring for your Quilt

This quilt is machine washable on the wool setting, using a mild wool wash detergent. Dry without delay. Wool is naturally odour resistant so it does not require regular washing. To retain loftiness air regularly in natural sunlight.

  • Air well before use
  • Fluff and aerate Frequently
  • Warm Machine or hand wash
  • Do not bleach, soak or wring
  • Dry without Delay
  • May be tumble dried when damp on low heat
  • Dry Clean at 60+
  • Commercial wash recommended

About Woolstar

Woolstar has been making quality woollen bedding out of its factory in South-West Sydney since 1996. Using wool from specially sourced Australian sheep farms, all of their products carry the international Woolmark logo ensuring quality and integrity. Woolstar's "farm to shelf" concept allows consumers to experience the woollen products journey and trace the wool fibre back to the farm. As part of Woolstar's commitment to the environment all woollen products meet the Oeko Tex Standard 100 - a global standard for textile goods - which ensures all products are free from any harmful chemicals associated with fabric and fibres, and are manufactured in accordance with the best environmental processes.

Australian-made wool bedding

Our Woolstar product range has been designed to improve the way we sleep. And better sleep, equals a better life. All Woolstar products are Australian made, and are tested for quality and performance assurance. With Woolstar, all products are created from 100% ethical Australian wool from our network of farmers. 

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